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TDI Retail Advertising

Today we see a splurge in the malls all over the capital because the middle class has more money to spend. TDI has exclusive tie-ups with some of the most prominent realtors in the capital. We offer you premium positions at luxury and destination malls for your ad display.

Retail business in India is currently booming at a fast pace. Along with it, retail advertising is also much in vogue amongst the various OOH Advertising practices. The launch of numerous retail chains in the country also provide lucrative opportunities for brands to indulge in retail advertising. Advertising spaces at retail stores are owned by outdoor advertisers on behalf of the brand owners. Synonymous with mall advertising in India, the upsurge of retail advertising is quite a landmark in OOH advertising practices in India.

Of late, a new breed of outdoor advertisers has made a solid presence in the ad industry. Usually known as mall advertisers, this breed of advertisers have so far excelled in brand promotion through outdoor media in a fascinating and influencing manner. Reaching out to rich prospective buyers and clients, advertising in Malls is one of the latest fads in marketing arena. From lifestyle brands to FMCG products, mall advertising practices have become a raging practice amongst outdoor advertisers these days. In the capital city, DLF Mall Advertising represents the zeal of advertising through mall media. The DLF Malls that are well known as a complete haven for all the top-notch brands have therefore gained much popularity as one of the top avenues of mall advertising in India.

A major advantage of DLF malls advertising is that brand owners can reach out to their target customers when they are in all readiness to spend. Those who visit the various shopping malls are usually people with rich spending capacity for various brands. Grabbing their attention through the mall ads is one of the easiest ways to influence their buying behaviour. Out of 100 customers who visit a particular showroom in a particular mall, at least 10 would take to action i.e. end up buying the product. Needless to be surprised, the footfalls at shopping malls count to lakhs on a single day and are expected to rise further during festive seasons. Therefore, if you (as a brand owner) display your ad message in or around the shopping mall, you have an exclusive chance to attract various customers at your brand store and generate maximum revenue. Mall advertising displays are at times good store locators for various customers. Those who are looking for a particular brand store get valuable assistance from a mall ad display. Thence, they are easily directed to the store.

Advertisers and brand owners can reap multiple benefits from mall media by launching various promotion campaigns in and around the various shopping malls. Providing a posh look about a brand through a rich media, mall ads are poised to rule the roost amongst the various avenues of outdoor advertising.

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